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We invite you to join the CA Mainframe DevOps Validation program. Acceptance will provide you with the opportunity to engage with other program members and members of the product team at various, iterative points throughout the Agile Scrum development process to help ensure our solution addresses your critical business requirements.

To participate you should be willing, when your schedule permits, and able (i.e. management approval) to:

  • Actively participate in End-of-Sprint Review feature demonstration meetings (hosted via WebEx) through observation and communication
  • Consider trying (download and installing) the pre-release software, if available
  • Provide suggestions/feedback on features, and use the designated forums to engage in discussions

We recognize and understand that your time may be limited.  There is no minimal time commitment required.  However, the more you are able to contribute, the more value we all derive from the process.

Thank you for your consideration.  We look forward to working with you throughout the development process!

Best Regards,

The CA Mainframe DevOps Solutions Team